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Arthrosil ™ Gel


Silicon Si-G5 ™ based gel

Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin.

A unique cosmetic – gel for places that require support.

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Arthrosil ™ gel is a cosmetic formula for use in places requiring support. The product is perfect for the elderly, actively practicing sports and exposed to injuries.

Why choose Arthrosil ™ gel:

  • based on Si G5 ™ silicon,
  • does not contain artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives,
  • the formula and manufacturing technology are the result of 40 years of research by Glycan Group laboratories under the supervision of professor Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun.

Free of perfume and allergenic factors, the gel can be successfully used on sensitive and allergic skin.

Providing pure silicon to the skin supports the production of new collagen fibers.

Directions for use:
For external use.

Apply a thin layer to the area in need of support, allowing it to penetrate and massage gently until completely absorbed. For even better results, we recommend the “sandwich” method – Arthrosil ™ gel externally and Arthrosil ™ liquid internally. Use in the morning and evening or more often as needed.

Ingredients / INCI:

Organic silicon Si- G5™ gel, Aloe vera gel, purified water, glucosamine sulfate, chondroittin sulfate, gaultheria procumbens, pepper mint, pelargonium galverones, macadamia / Krzem Si-G5™ żel, aloe vera żel, woda oczyszczona, siarczan glukozaminy, siarczan chodnroityny, golteria rozesłana, mięta pieprzowa, pelargonia zwyczajna, makadamia.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are substances produced in biochemical processes by our body. Unfortunately, as we age, our internal organs wear out, the amount of glucosamine produced is significantly reduced, which makes the bones thinner and more brittle, and the amount of synovial fluid that protects the joints from excessive pressure, friction and abrasion also decreases. bones. This causes cartilage, ligaments and tendons to become chronically inflamed, causing excruciating pain and stiffness in the joints. The health of our bones, cartilages and muscles is influenced by many factors, including large and frequent physical effort (e.g. athletes), diet, our age and the way we care for them.

Aloe Vera gel – one of the properties of aloe is its ability to synthesize elastin and collagen. This improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also contains vitamins A, C and E necessary for mature skin. Vitamin E perfectly moisturizes the skin, oils it and smoothes it, vitamin C makes the capillary walls more elastic, vitamin A is responsible for keratinization of the epidermis and increasing the production of hyaluronic acid.

Gaultheria Procumbens is a plant native to North America – history says that the Indians were the first to use it to relieve pain in muscles and joints. Its most important properties are: analgesic, soothing, antirheumatic, astringent, antiseptic and antispasmodic. Attention! Goltery oil is a highly toxic substance due to the content of methyl salicylate. It should never be taken by mouth or used in aromatherapy. External use is enough to achieve effects inside the body, as this oil is easily absorbed through the skin, penetrating into the muscles and tissues.

Peppermint is a herbal plant with various biological and medicinal properties. The main chemical components of this plant are essential oils, flavonoids, glycosides, acids and minerals. Dried mint and peppermint oil are used as biologically active parts of plants. Peppermint has a long and rich history of medicinal use. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, diaphoretic, laxative, gastric and sedative effects.

Pelargonium gravelones is a popular angina plant from East Africa. The substances contained in the plant’s essential oils have a strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anesthetic effect. Tests conducted in terms of antibacterial activity showed high activity against almost all strains.

Pelargonium leaves can also soothe rheumatic pains, neuralgia, headaches, disinfect and bring relief in places after insect bites, minor wounds and burns. It is worth growing angina at home and crushing a few leaves in a mortar and making compresses.

Macadamia  – is a tall tree from the tropical forests of Australia. Macadamia oil shows good regenerative properties thanks to the presence of palmitic and oleic acids, which are also components of human skin. This oil is tolerated by the skin and well absorbed by it. It has antioxidant properties, protecting cells against free radicals. It softens and soothes the epidermis, making the skin smooth. Macadamia oil has antibacterial properties, regenerates cells and protects against solar radiation. It has the ability to penetrate the dermis, where it activates its regenerative functions. It has a nourishing and anti-aging effect.

NOTE! parabens and other preservatives commonly used in cosmetics and other preparations get into the body through the skin and have a proven effect on endocrine system disorders, which negatively affects health. The series of parabens E214 – 218 ethlyl-, methyl, phenyl, propylparaben (and others) cross skin barriers, migrate in the microcirculation and pose a potential health risk.

Shake well before use.

Do not use the gel before “sunbathing”.

Volume 50 ml.

Manufactured by Glycan Industries Corporation Ltd. Suite 1, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place, London E14 9NN, England for Glycan Poland sp.z o.o. sp.k. Podwiesk 68, 86-200 Chełmno