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We live in the wonderful times of the 21st century, witnessing the incredible development of technology, but at the same time experience the degradation of the natural environment, the global industrialization of agriculture. Food that should nourish us is highly processed, chemicals reign in our environment, we overuse synthetic drugs.

Unfortunately, we were not well taught how our body function, what it needs to work to our advantage, to stay healthy and live in good old age.

We are the people to whom health is important. Health is freedom!  OdFor many years, we have been aware that in order to be in good health, you should eat well, not overeat, engage in systematic physical activity and, if necessary, look for the best supplementation solutions. This is what we do every day.

We are honored to invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer as a member of the Glycan Group – a consortium initiated and created by Professor Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun, a precursor and genius inventor of silicon products.

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Ewa and Sławomir Szczepańscy

Professor Dr Christian Daniel Assoun has created Glycan Group to develop several new technologies and to conduct research more effectively. Glycan Group is active in Europe, North America, Africa and China.

Glycan Industries Ltd. UK – Pharma Division specializing in distributing natural products. The line of the natural and organic products includes supplements, trace minerals, creams and gels, products which help with detoxification and many more. Pharma Division has developed many organic silicon products. The knowledge and experience of Dr Assoun has made him a pioneer in the sector of natural and organic silicon products.

Glycan Finanse Ltd. UK – actively works in the financial sector. It has developed strong relationship with USA along the years to gain the support for the various and complicated scientific projects.

Glycan Industries Ltd. UK – LAB Division– research and development laboratory. It conducts experiments in the field of biological analyses (stretching toxic matrices of heavy metals, elements, blood, urine), organic pollutants (pesticides, furan), and application in environmental analysis. The laboratory is equipped with instruments from the forefront of technology – incl. ICP-MS (atomic mass spectrometry), GC-MS / HR (gas chromatograph coupled with a mass spectrometer – high resolution).

Glycan Industries Ltd. UK (Holding) is a research and development division mainly active in environmental, energy and medical activities. Many works are advanced, and many are already patented.

Glycan Pharma North American Corp, Canada uses the same operations throughout the North American continent (Canada and the USA).

Glycan Group Holding HK Ltd. (Hong Kong)- develops the same activities in mainland China.

Glycan Poland Sp. z o.o. sp.k. – distribution of products in Poland and Europe. Supplements production for the European and American market.

GlycanSpaceXR-Heliotorr LLC Pasadena US

Glycan-Industries LLC Pasadena USA

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